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Welcome to Coinotron, first multicoin mining pool.

Solo mining is practically impossible. Only big miners with dozens of ASIC/GPU cards have a chance of generating block in a single day. Average miner wait months to find a block. Only reasonable alternative is to work together with other miners. We have created Coinotron.com to support that joint effort. We invite you to join Coinotron.

Rules are simple:

For each block generated in our pool we get certain amount of coins. Next we split these coins between miners proportionally to amount of work delivered using various methods of reward distribution: PPS, RBPPS, PPLNS.

Coinotron advantages:

  • long history of stable payouts
  • security is our priority, user passwords are hashed and salted
  • we offer two-factor authentication ( Google Authenticator )
  • our servers are highly secured and DDOS protected
  • website is protected against brute force and dictionary attacks
  • automatic payouts every 120 minutes
  • simple api
  • Stratum support in all pools
  • monitoring of workers activity
  • charts

How can you join us?

  1. Register here
  2. Create worker(s)
  3. Configure your mining application to point to our server - examples
  4. Start mining and ...
  5. Make coins with Coinotron

Today we added PascalCoin pool. Just point your PASC miners to port 3348. More info in Help section.

Mining PASC is FREE until March 15, 2017 !!!


Today we added ZEC pool. Just point your ZEC miners to port 3346. More info in Help section.

Mining ZEC is FREE until the end of 2016 !!!


Today we added ETC ETH profit switch multiport. Just point your ETH miners to port 7777. Pool will continuously calculate current profitability of ETH, ETC and let you mine current best.


We've added Ethereum Classic pool. You can use the same setup as in case of ETH mining and point your miners to port 3345. ETC Payouts will be enabled as soon as we are sure that everything works ok


DAO wars soft-fork dilemma: We've updated pool's default ETH client to get 1.4.8 with option --dao-soft-fork. Also we introduced new port for miners not supporting soft-fork: 3391


We've added support for the newest implementation of ETH Stratum protocol created by NiceHash. Just use our standard Eth port 3344 and this NiceHash fork of Genoil's ethminer on your own rigs. We suggest using latest version available here https://github.com/nicehash/cpp-ethereum/releases More info here: https://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/7346/bounty-for-ethereum-pool-operators-to-add-nicehash-compatibility#latest


Ethereum RBPPS is now available in ETH Stratum pool.


We are closing EXP pool. Please withdraw your coins until the end of November


Today we have launched Ethereum pool.
Port = 3342
More info you can find on our Help page.


Vertcoin: Hard Fork at block 347000
Please download and use latest wallets and miners supporting new hashing algorithm Lyra2REv2:


Darkcoin has been renamed to DASH.


Today we introduced email confirmation for changing payout address. This should further enhance the safety of your coins. When you change payout address it will stay "locked" until you unlock it using special code sent to your email address.


Viacoin has been added to merged mining with LTC. ATM VIA coins are increasing your profits by about 2%.


New port on LTC pool for high speed ASIC miners ( hashrate > 20 MH/s ). Port number is 3834, share difficulty = 8192. If you are using fast ASIC miners like Titan, A2, Zeus or similar, please switch your miners to that port.


Vertcoin hard fork to Lyra2RE. Please prepare your miners and wallets: https://vertcoin.org/blog/


Feathercoin released. The NeoScrypt Update. Our FTC pool will be switched to Neoscrypt mining after block 432000. Please update your wallet and miners. Scrypt miners won't work. Links to miners supporting Neoscrypt you will find on our Help page.


LTC and DOGE merged mining is available on port 3334.
All miners mining Litecoins are getting also dogecoins ( in mode 1.5% PPLNS )
DOGE miners, please switch to LTC merged mining on port 3334. You will earn much more than mining DOGE only.


TRC has been pool removed. Please withdraw your TRC coins before June 30, 2014. Minimum Withdrawal Threshold has been lowered to 0.2 TRC


Today we have added Darkcoin pool. Stratum only, port = 3341


FRC pool will be closed on 2014-05-10. Please withdraw your coins until 2014-06-30. You can switch your miners to this pool: http://freicoin.us/
Minimum Withdrawal Threshold has been lowered to 0.1 FRC.


Today we have added VertCoin pool. Stratum only, port = 3340
Today we have added DOGE pool. Stratum only, port = 3339
PPC pool is up and running. Current version supports only Stratum miners. Port = 3338

Reward system

Coin BlockValue ShareDiff MinPayout PayoutFee PayoutMode NumConf PayStales PayOrphans
LTC 25.0 2048, 8192 0.1 0.01 LTC
when payout < 0.5 LTC
PPLNS 1.0% 15 no no
RBPPS 2.0% 15 no no
PPS 3.0% 0 no yes
ETH 5.0 65536 0.1 0.01 ETH
when payout < 1 ETH
PPLNS 1.0% 750 up to 5 blocks no
RBPPS 3.0% 750 up to 5 blocks no
ETC 5.0 65536 1 0.1 ETC
when payout < 10 ETC
PPLNS 1.0% 750 up to 5 blocks no
RBPPS 3.0% 750 up to 5 blocks no
ZEC 10.0 16 0.01 0.0005 ZEC
when payout < 0.1 ZEC
PPLNS 1.0% 100 no no
RBPPS 2.0% 100 no no
PPS 3.0% 0 no yes
PASC 100.0 16 1 0.005 PASC
when payout < 10 PASC
PPLNS 0.0% 120 no no
DASH 1.8 512 0.1 0.01 DASH
when payout < 0.5 DASH
PPLNS 1.5% 120 no no
RBPPS 2.5% 120 no no
PPS 3.5% 0 no yes
FTC 80.0 128 5 0.1 FTC
when payout < 20 FTC
PPLNS 1.5% 120 no no
RBPPS 2.5% 120 no no
VTC 50.0 1024 1 0.02 VTC
when payout < 5 VTC
RBPPS 2.5% 120 no no
PPC 53.6 1024 1 0 PPS 5.0% 0 no yes
RBPPS 3.0% 520 no no
  • PPS - Pay Per Share. Each submitted share is worth a certain amount of coins. It is risky for pool operators.
  • RBPPS - Round-Based Pay Per Share. Like PPS, but payouts are delayed till a block is found and confirmed by the network. If a found block gets orphaned, earnings relative to it are not paid.
  • Prop. - When a block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found.
  • DGM - Double Geometric Method. A hybrid between PPLNS and Geometric reward types that enables to operator to absorb some of the variance risk. Operator receives portion of payout on short rounds and returns it on longer rounds to normalize payments.
  • PPLNS - Pay Per Last N Shares. Similar to proportional, but instead of looking at the number of shares in the round, instead looks at the last N shares, regardless of round boundaries.